Features of Arnold Knives

Arnold knives are made of high carbon steel.  Some are stainless with outside, professional tempering, however most are non-stainless and therefore custom tempered in the home shop.

Handles feature brass or bronze hilt and butt-plate / pommel silver-soldered and then epoxy glued.  Most handles are hollow-tang.  Exotic hardwoods include the Dalbergia species (cocobolo, rosewood, tulipwood), desert ironwood, lignum vitae, wedge, zebra wood, bootee, oceanspray and yew wood.  Some have antler  or goat-horn included in the handles.  Some have colored resin-impregnated maple handle stock.

The blades are nitric-acid (HNO3) etched through wax or asphaltum varnish.

Sheaths are hand sewn of 8-9 oz tanned leather.

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